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Grateful Dead Live at Shrine Auditorium on 1967-11-10

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Grateful Dead Live at Shrine Auditorium on 1967-11-10

Topics Live concert

Viola Lee Blues, It Hurts Me Too, Beat It On Down The Line, Morning Dew, Good Morning Little School Girl, Alligator-> Drums-> Alligator-> Caution (Do Not Stop on Tracks)

Collection GratefulDead
Band/Artist Grateful Dead
Venue Shrine Auditorium
Location Los Angeles, CA

Source Soundboard
Lineage MR > R > R > DAT > CD > EAC > SHN
Taped by
Transferred by Kirby (Chalupa) Bell


MR> R> R> DAT> CD> EAC > SHN; via Kirby (Chalupa) Bell, Darrin Sacks; with 7/23/67 Cassady rap filler; note source updated with extra reel gen, based on info from Rob Bertrando


Reviewer: algebraist - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 6, 2016
Subject: Glitch in Viola Lee Blues
Great recording; great show. But be aware that Viola Lee Blues has a nasty glitch around 8:30 or 8:40 or so. The other two versions uploaded seem to have it patched somewhat.
Reviewer: nigeldavahah - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 14, 2016
Subject: On vinyl
Reviewer: Ace50 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 13, 2016
Subject: Wow! I was at this show.
Amazing what you can find online. Now I can hear what it was like. All I remember was gongs, fireworks and the whole building tilting back and forth.
Reviewer: apopheniac - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 25, 2015
Subject: Absolute defense to speeding & reckless driving.
If you are ever pulled over while you are listening (very loudly, of course) to Viola Lee from about 7:16 on, fight the ticket. Play the tune for the judge or jury at your trial.
You will be acquitted of all charges. It compels you drive faster and faster and faster and faster.

And the Al E. Gaeteur through Caution... well, it'll just burn your ears off.
Reviewer: Tomoms - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 20, 2015
Subject: Killer mix!!!
As others have already said, the mix of this recording is perfect. It's the best recording I've heard. The drums are pounding but they are in the background, Phil's bass can be clearly heard (Philzoners like me will be happy), guitars and organ are perfect.
Reviewer: DMTrue13 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 11, 2014
Subject: Pig and Jerry genius
You can really hear how Jerry was one of the greatest guitar players of all time in this one. Great sound, this is awesome. Pig pen is really good here, vocals, organ, and harmonica all good. Alligator - genius. Everyone can be heard, the mix is perfect.
Reviewer: Mathew Maddison Warren - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 11, 2014
Subject: Hoot Jeer
Great Show.

The jamming Alligator sounds a few years ahead.
Reviewer: njpg - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 10, 2014
Subject: -
Pretty sweet! Nice early jams.
Reviewer: mvoisine - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 27, 2014
Subject: Dueling Drummers
Particularly in Caution, I am quite impressed on how Billy and Mickey complement each other. Mickey had only been with the band for 2 months
Reviewer: quelots - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 31, 2013
Subject: No written accolades are sufficient.
My jaw dropped when I first heard this recording several years ago. It still does to this day. From the recording to the mix to the energy of the boys on this night, it is all perfect. Nothing more to say that already hasn't been said, except that I'm glad I downloaded it when I did.

-q :D
Reviewer: Chris U. - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 22, 2013
Subject: Opening Number
I've listened to that Viola Lee probably 500 times. It's still impossibe to believe. It's like a semifamiliar child who comes to you and says "I'm going to play you some of the most intense music that you'll hear for the next 50 to 500 years," and you say "no, that's not possible", and then ten minutes later you say THANK YOU, I WAS WRONG CAN I GET A DRINK?
Reviewer: doug_the_dude - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 9, 2013
Subject: --
Astonishing energy - the entire show seethes in the wake of that mind-blowing Viola Lee Blues. Shame about that slice in Caution, but for '67 you gets what you gets. Check out how hard they drive the Other One suite - O.o
Reviewer: alextrocchi - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 30, 2013
Subject: Neal Cassady rap
The Neal Cassady rap is totally out of place. It is from the opening of a July 23, 1967 show at The Straight Theatre, and the recording here even has the sound of being taken from the flexi-disc "soundsheet" that was included in Hank Harrison's book. Forgive me if someone has already posted this info.
Reviewer: DMT - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 16, 2012
Subject: .
The Good ol' Grateful Dead!!!
Reviewer: happy420 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 28, 2011
Subject: Transcript of Neal Cassady's Rap, Annotated By Ken Babbs
Voice: Neal Cassady...Neal Cassady...
[Tentative Drumroll]

Neal: (OFF MIC; APPROACHING) I got the penguin(1) right here in my pocket...Phil Phil(2) I just bought a three hundred & thirty-five dollar fender mint Bic(3)...come again on that lemon a roasta beef(4)...Four fingers(5) ya know are...I've forgotten it...that's just enough see...trying to play ya see...(GROANING IN BACHGROUND) The claw(6) & me...three inches the bigger thumb...and I said of course to the Metro(7) as the...but it hides my thumb and also reveals my Greek torso...well at 49th I said Spence(8) hadn't seen him since 51st...he said move 2-49th. Nope moved to 51st. Well again Heinz(9) said...The waiter in '56 beet the 6 seeds(10) he had. Seed law and marijuana...The only writing I ever did was a laudatory(11)...But on marijuana "oooooooo...," I was saying in the..."Are you alright in there on the wall(12) Mr. Cassady?"...cause I was having these insights you see. I only got 20 years on you.(13) I knew I should've worn more paisley.(14) I double-crossed son of the man(15) is about to mount the podium. Grimsby(16) was impressed in a short drive. I said I'm serious about America to Marco Greg(17) the last year you know we arrived just in time.(18) Double park in Winnemucca(19)...speed er endurance.(20) Six days it was. Finally she grabbed the Vick's VapoRub(21) instead of the Vaeline it was and that was what ended it. My first child '42 then(22)...Charlie Valencia(23) on Temple(24) where we had an Acid Test(25)...but 1350(26) his father half Mexican half Irish like Anthony Quinn(27) so he loved her you know...there was a triumph of us. The only 3-way I ever had. Kerouac's not queer but my present wife the fourth and he it was just a New Year's Eve sortofa(28)...He was always looking for a colored girl(29) Keroassady(30)...finally he found her Bedford-Stuyvessant and that was the last time I committed suicide(31) I knew toward the Ford sign across the Hudson(32)...gotta getta across this long Missouri that preacher said VanHelLuther(33) I didn't see it.(34) Move on. Menopausal.(35) Don't ask me how 20 years (36) I held 10 on the railroad(37) and 10 more I'll be dead a thousand years(38) see so if I don't do right now right in it...Reb Parker(39) the same Acid Test then. He used to be Al Collins all fat and sassy you know and but he was all skinny and dressed can work yourself into anything how do you get out of it? 6 uh days, 6 glasses a day pretty soon your system demands it. 1000 days Aurobindo(40) says you've had it. Old Joe Alcoholic you know we used to drink together but he went drinking. Gitcha enjoys but...Dry is always D insteada T(41) so the second...a German pornography(42)...(SINGING) "Burn..." Hmm each daay offered thou week to week. O in The Name of The Christ don't call on that I say that's another...then the next day November 1st is All Souls All Saints.(43) He did nothin and I did nothin and finally nothin, there wasn't nothin he wouldn't do for me and nothin I wouldn't do for him. We sat around all the time doing nothin. 100 miles an hour goin a great 4 wheel drift(44) he uh adjusting his goggles you know everybody in the audience with their right foot but I can't heel and toe(45) I'm double left.(46) I'll get the Pigpen(47) microphone going I've got to cut the organ...Ginsberg(48) forced us up here. I went because it's a good drive; Mt. Baker out of the Chillaquin Indian country in Oregon; the lava beds and the guy(49) who was opposite brother Chuck's(50) Eugene creamery should know the area. He was an editor who'll never make it because of the rocky overhang.(51) So I drove up into the snow and found you know...I excited all to turn him. Guy comes in last one outta the mountains; Ed Sanders(52) leader...3 things I had: a flat tire, a place to stay, & a joint. He handled all 3 immediately...couple years later I found a course he had a couple wives a couple kids and everything but's true...yer home anyway the ski-boy...I excited him to move...a week...and I'm glad I didn't hear it...protected you know...The minister: "I'll blow ya for money," he said-half hour later she...what did she say...? He was listening to the radio and I said "O..." I'd just gone thru...fortunate you know you throw off. Don't eat when you're angry. Who was ever happy angry? Before all fixin due...'53...a pleasure dome you see. Antrophy. Thank you...thank you...I went...I used to have my 2-16.(53) I...left the a fleet of course and finally the 4th largest union(54) we'll take that up but first the guy...then the stockboy...and when I was replacing the 3rd man from moving on Obetrol(55) changing too fast you know...the tires(56) so...I lost my...extension.(57) Logical Positivism had a great increase at UCLA recently they got Alcindor(58) but no water polo...what are we gonna...? you all are surrounded...I've never found who was...I played short short...outfield-no just need...I learned an illegal pitch-caught Satch Paige(59) barehanded...after the 303 guard you know had done me in cause the coach thought I was chicken. Why bother was my...vein. The brain of the..."But Nell.(60) Now see here Hard Dick." [Major Hoople/W.C. Fields voice] My wife medical secretary works for Stiff Dr. Peck. Double reed.(61) From the second balcony Dillenger(62) uh...the L5...I said to Robert Jones Melvin(63)...on the left he wears these rings. A sensitive-we're all sensitives. Thinks it's alright to charge to astrologize.(64)

The Embryo you know
goes thru the Fish Stage
but we didn't enter
until Ape Late.
Christ-Adam-Higher Soul
help us out thru
so the Cyclopses don't win
the Unicorn Brew.
We're here to Experience...
and finally Evolution
the Little Toe
we'll beat it tho-
The Odor of Sanctity.


1. PENGUIN: Pocket book of On the Road by Jack Kerouac.

2. PHIL: Phil Lesh, bassist of the Grateful Dead.

3. BIC: Cigarette lighter, noted because Phil had no light. Five o'clock in the morning at the Watts Acid Test, light barely glimmering. Phil was still thumoing when Babbs shut down the power. "No light! No light!" Phil screamed, but to no avail. It didn't come back.

4. ROASTA BEEF: Riffing on the chow at the Straight-always the worst, and Cassady was a truck driver's special man, hated ratburgers.

5. FOUR FINGERS: Pertains to his flute playing, "Three finger delight," he said, "no, that's masturbation," but in this case he's threatening to play the flute like he always did while driving the big bus Furthur, thus the groans from the musicians.

6. CLAW: His hand with the tip of thumb cut off. (See On the Road for best explanation for how it happened.)

7. METRO: The law. Police station. Clenches his fist to hide the thumb and reveal the torso, muscles tense.

8. SPENCE: Dick Spence, a connection, always drive past his place, no telling what might be available.

9. HEINZ: As in '56 flavors in '57, or was it the other way around?

10. 6 SEEDS: busted for seeds the waiter was, can you believe it?

11. LAUDATORY: Refers to a 6 page letter to Gavin Arthur who visited Cassady in San Quentin when Neal was doing two years for two joints; lotta time on his hands. My brother's bar in Neal's hometown of Denver has the letter on the wall.

12. THE WALL: Some of the best writings can be found on the shit-house wall.

13. 20 YEARS: Cassady's a bit older than the audience in the theater. He's being heckled.

14. PAISLEY: In vogue amongst the younger set; why not join in? "If you want to be loved, be lovable," Cassady often said.

15. SON OF THE MAN: Christological reference to San Francisco's Mayor's son. Chip Alioto.

16. Roger GRIMSBY: San Francisco television reporter.

17. MARCO GREG: Nightclub critic always thought Cassady was putting everyone on. "Talks about cars a lot, doesn't he?"

18. JUST IN TIME: To save the lady from committing suicide, she's at her nitwit's end.

19. WINNEMUCCA: Nevada: east of Reno on Interstate 80. Site of the Mustang Ranch, a a barbed wire enclosed bordello. The management dug Neal so much they didn;t charge him for services rendered. Always a quick stop for Neal when heading East out of Frisco.

20. ENDURANCE: "What, what? Consistency," Cassady said. "Not how you come out of the blocks or make the first turn." You gotta be in it for the long haul.

21. VIC'S VAPORUB: Mentholated version of the popular lubricant.

22. FIRST CHILD '42: One of many kids alleged to have been fathered by a young Neal in Los Angeles and Denver.

23. CHARLIE VALENCIA: her boy friend.

24. TEMPLE: Street in L.A.

25. ACID TEST: Were held in L.A. in spring of '66, Cassady the star, Grateful Dead the band, Pranksters the crew, Furtur the bus.

26. 1350: Street address on temple. Now a shrine to the CKC nuts. (Cassady Kerouac Corso). The Cassady virus was brought across the border on the bottom of the sneakers of a wetback. Cassady was all man. From the top of his head to the bottom of his feet-to the very sole. They say clothes can't go to heaven but those shoes had sole. Other soles picked up the Cassady Virus and it's since spread across country and now into Europe. "After us, the deluge," Kerouac said, a soulful man.

27. ANTHONY QUINN: the actor who was shooting a movie called Guns for San Sebastian in Mexico and involved with Neal's last lover. She had to make a choice between Neal or Quinn, she chose Neal.

28. SORTOFA: Read all about it in Carolyn Cassady's book, Heartbeat.

29. COLORED GIRL: Neal and Jack took her to Neal's house in Los Gatos and past Carolyn asleep and up the pull-down stairs to the attic, pushing the girl's ass to get her through the hole when Carolyn woke up. It was Neal's birthday and he was supposed to be wining and dining Carolyn under candlelight but Jack called to say he'd been busted, could Neal come bail him out? "Back in 'alf a mo' darling," and that was hours ago the candles have burned out Carolyn is pissed. What do you think she did to get even?

30. KEROASSADY: the composite Jack/Neal: a hybrid personality that did 'em both in.

31. SUICIDE: After Carolyn got her revenge, Neal was so devastated he sat in the car with a gun in his hand all night fighting over suicide being wrong versus I don't wanna go. He rejected suicide as an option and decided to go home and beg.

32. FORD SIGN: Billboard where you turn West driving from Manhattan to the coast.

33. VANHELLUTHER: Preacher who lectured Neal on the wonders of Valballa, home of the warriors slain in battle.

34. DIDN'T SEE IT: Blessed are the peacemakers-for they shall be called the sons of God. "There is no excuse for violence," Cassady said, "except when making love."

35. MENOPAUSAL: Just as the woman stops bleeding, the peacemaker declines to shed blood. The grace that comes with age.

36. 20 YEARS: My, how time do fly. To think, 20 years gone by already, like a blink of the eye. Kerouac said, "Cassady knew time."

37. RAILROAD: Neal was a brakeman on the railroad for ten years, with an impeccable record, never missed a train, but when he went to prison, lost his job, his pension, his wife, his home.

38. 10 MORE FOR: For what? Not even Cassady could predict that. But he still was going to give it all he got in whatever time he got left. DEAD A THOUSAND YEARS: the orthodox lapse between incarnations.

39. REB PARKER/AL COLLINS: Old runaround friend of Cassady's he ran into at the Acid Test.

40. AUROBINDO: Savant who knew body functions from having existed at one time or another as every organ in the body, so he was a soothsayer alright-could tell you straight what alcohol did to you, and Cassady was always scared of the booze what with growing up on skidrow Larimer Street in Denver with his wino father.

41. D INSTEADA T: A Nealish proto AA injunctive?

42. PORNOGRAPHY: Those German drink so much beer it's obscene.

43. ALL SAINTS Church: Downtown Denver where Neal was an alter boy.

44. 4 WHEEL DRIFT: Auto racing. A Stirling Moss technique. Going around corners giving it the gas and breaking at the same time. You slide but don't cartwheel if you do it just right.

45. HEEL AND TOE: Heel on the brake, toe on the gas.

46. DOUBLE LEFT: Cassady was left handed, so left-footed too, and couldn't manipulate the heel and toe with his right foot.

47. PIGPEN: Ron McKermnan: vocalist and keyboardist for the Grateful Dead. Since deceased.

48. GINSBERG: Allen the ubiquitous poet.

49. THE GUY: Luther Frease, RIP, who worked at the Springfield News across the street from the Springfield Creamery.

50. BROTHER CHUCK: Ken Kesey's brother, who owns and operates the Springfield Creamery (not the Eugene Creamery) Chuck is also an original Merry Prankster who was on the bus, Furthur, in 1964 when Cassady drove.

51. ROCKY OVERHANG: Luther's furrowed brow.

52. ED SANDERS: Leader of the Fugs, radical music group of the 60's. He also wrote book, The Family, about Charles Manson.

53. 2-16: Union card. He's riffing about the fleet, never having been in the Navy or any other branch of service, being color-blind..."I was out there on the grass and all," Cassady said, "and to me it looked red. The grass red? You're nuts. I was so mad at that grass I learned cars."

54. 4TH LARGEST UNION: Railroad brakemen.

55. OBETROL: Great speed. An OBETROL 10 tablet contained: 2.5 mg. each of Methamphetamine saccharate, Methamphetamine hydrocloride, Amphetamine sulfate, & Dextroamphetamine sulfate. OBETROL 20's contained twice this potency.

56. THE TIRES: at the Los Gatos Tire Company while on parole after stretch in San Quentin.

57. EXTENSION: for his socket wrench.

58. ALCINDOR: Later known as Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

59. SATCH PAIGE: Ancient Negro pitcher finally made it to the big leagues with the Indians at age of sixty-something.

60. NELL: The nurse in W.C. Fields comedy.

61. STIFF DR. PECK, DOUBLE REED: Carolyn worked for a spell as receptionist to Radiological Associates; Dr.'s Clemmer M. Peck, MD, & Robert H. Reid, MD. DOUBLE REED: The oboe, most difficult of instruments to play. You gotta get just the right lip on it.

62. DILLINGER: John, the 30's gangster shot down as he left The Biograph movie theater, Chicago-July, 1934.

63. ROBERT JONES MELVIN: Religious leader who got rich from donations, but after all, gotta drive a Caddilac, you think they'll give money to a man in a clunker?

64. CHARGE TO ASTROLOGIZE: No money changers in the temple.
Reviewer: clementinescaboose - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 15, 2011
Subject: Awesome stuff
More kick-ass playing from '67 - Alligator>Caution is the goooooods!
Reviewer: snow_and_rain - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - September 15, 2011
Subject: Shrine Exposition Hall
This show is incredible, raw, vintage, core '67. The venue was not the Shrine Aud but rather the Shrine Expo Hall, which is far less fancy. Just a big hall, not a nice plush auditorium.

Edit: Removed my previous complaint about the show being yanked. I wasn't able to stream it at one point, but it seems to work okay now. Anyway, Viola Lee and Caution are real barn-burners. Check out the LA Times review -
Reviewer: Dead In Istanbul - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - September 15, 2011
Subject: I find I prefer streaming
Ah yes, input from the mighty tool oh_uh_um_ah, who now goes by the name islam_sucks (after a few other aliases). There are ways to download these shows, but honestly, do we need to anymore? If your computer is connected to good speakers, the archive can be used as just that: instant music archive. I've filled harddrives with the downloaded files, but more often than not, I find myself just clicking and streaming the shows from the archive. I guess the threat of them disappearing is motivation for people to rip them from the site, but they also show up on and tradersden and other sites like that for download. At any rate, it's nice to be able to instantly browse years, shows, songs, etc here on the site. This is a nice nice show. As someone mentioned, there's a sweet Caution and Aligator is always a charmer.
Reviewer: BIG_R - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 21, 2011
Subject: 11-10-67
Reviewer: Olo - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - October 12, 2010
Subject: Long May You Run
Owsley says he has quite a bit of tape of the openers & co-bills, in fact, he says most of the bands.
This Buffalo Springfield would be amazing find.
Reviewer: Islam_sucks - favorite - September 17, 2010
. . .

I am glad I downloaded this 43 year old show a long time ago...suckers.

I got the 10th and the 11th of August at the Shrine in LA. If you didn't get it don't blame me...I told you how to get it...

The only way to record it now is by analog...hook up a cord from the headphone jack or audio out of your computer to the input of your reel to reel or cassette, or beta max, or VHS, or DVD, or MP3 recorder, or your hard disc, or USB Stick, hit play on your computer and record on your recording device .... or just wait for the DEAD to release the album and PAY for it.

This show probably got pulled because it contains one or more of the songs that will be included on the "Pigen" Tribute album....36 years after he died....nice to know people got right on that Pigpen album...I guess they didnt' need the money until

A Pigpen Tribute Album....did I make that shit up? LMAO.
Reviewer: capttrips - - September 17, 2010
Subject: Suckers ??
You Can Still Get it you just have to know how thats all.
Reviewer: gratefuldiver - - August 11, 2010
Subject: yet another non-streamable show
"Issues with the item's content"

These are becoming more and more common. I still haven't received any explanation from IA (or the oligarchy that posts to the GD bulletin board).
Reviewer: jmsyearwood97 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 10, 2010
Subject: Caution
About 15 minutes into the "Caution" jam, you'll realize this is the "Anthem" version of caution. kinda cool.. AWESOME show! '67-'69 are my favorite years!
Reviewer: AUGUST-WEST420 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 27, 2009
Subject: Alligator>Caution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I know that the previous 25 people said the same thing that I am about to say,but Alligator> Caution is sick as F%$K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The best that these fairly young,yet pretty well trained ears have heard! The sound is great,also.Some hiss is expected with a recording this old,but I think that the hiss in these early tapes adds a more vintage tone.If you could be more vintage than thuis!I love this band,and this site.How many bands have a documented history such as this?!? And all this music for free!! What more can you ask for? I'm giving it 8 stars just because that's how I roll! PEACE,LOVE,& THE GRATEFUL DEAD!!!!!!!!!!
Reviewer: oh_uh_um_ah - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 24, 2009
Subject: The GRATEFUL DEAD "Live On Stage" November 10, 1967 at the Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A.

Winter of 67'....."-ACID MUSIC-".....

This show comes out strong and delivers right to the end. Wonderfully delightful. Pigpen was the secret ingredient, this show reveals his influence.

For the fans of "Alligator-Caution" this show is the 'Holy Grail' of them all...

I Love "ALLIGATOR-CAUTION". It's one of the best songs the GRATEFUL DEAD ever did and there's been nothing like it ever since. This performance is probably one of the best there is of these songs. CAUTION into Feedback is classic 1967.

This is a "MUST HAVE" show.

I highly recommend adding this show to your 1967 GRATEFUL DEAD collection.

Back in the early 70's in a book about the GRATEFUL DEAD, Neal Cassady's rap came free as a plastic record insert. I used to have it. Nice to hear it again.

Here's one way to download this show:

The IA recommends users of Windows XP view this web-page with RealPlayer.

RealPlayer is a free media player you can download at

Using RealPlayer to view this webpage, click the VBR M3U link to open the songs in the Playlist. If your Playlist is not open, open it by clicking the Playlist icon at the lower right hand corner of RealPlayer.

Once the songs are in the Playlist, double click the song to play it, then click the record button at the lower left hand corner of Realplayer to record it.

When the red line reaches the other end click the stop button to download the song. Your song is in the RealPlayer Downloads folder. Repeat these steps for each song.

Eat, Drink, Be Merry and listen to the GRATEFUL DEAD.

Thanks for the "LOVE" from the Los Angeles Shrine Auditorium in 1967.

I miss 1967
Reviewer: JboneST - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 24, 2009
Subject: Unbelievable
Unbelievable...that's it. Just unbelievable. You can hear everyone. Incredible balance for such an old show.
Reviewer: average_joe - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 27, 2008
Subject: A Real Nice Jaw Dropper...
This is Good Ol' Grateful Dead. High-powered blues at its finest. Shows like this are why I listen to the Dead. There is an evolution in their music that is just phenomenal to listen to. It's an endless exploration into what these guy's were doing.

Read what everybody else has written about this show. It's all true.

The Dead constantly amaze me.

Reviewer: L. Rosley - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 8, 2008
Subject: Parts of this Caution mixed on Anthem of the Sun. One of the great Cautions.
Starts with a bluesy, mellow Viola Lee--before the speedup. This was NOT one of the first times for Hurts Me Too. At this time it was one of their oldies--they played it most of 1966. Listen also to Phil’s walking bass here. A fine group effort.

Jerry fires it up on Morning Dew—again, with some great accompaniment from Phil. It’s not Jerry soloing, but a Jerry and Phil duet. A fine Dew.

Not one of the better Cryptical/Other Ones of the year, sloppier than most. (Check out 10/22/67 here at archive, for instance.) The Neal Cassady rap is pretty interesting, done over the “Lovelight” riff. (Neal Cassady is “Cowboy Neal at the wheel” of the Other One, for those who didn’t know.) The Notes below says this is from a 7/23/67 Acid Test.

A great Alligator: bluesy, psychedelic, energetic and spacy at times, going to a 22-minute frenetic Caution, for me, the show highlight. This Caution
ebbs and flows, changing direction—kind of the way Playing in the Band did in the early-mid ‘70s, but sounding very different. We get several Phil solos, Pigpen harp solos, Pigpen rapping over space effects, and some fiery outbreaks from Jerry. It evolves into acid space, then it absolutely explodes near the end and fades into space, like a supernova. A great way to end a 60’s Dead show.
Reviewer: He Live's - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 16, 2008
Subject: essential
viola lee is hot stuff as always.... and this is the best Hurts Me Too EVER -- JERRY RIPS ----- real nice.

oh yeah, we also get a RARE 8 MINUTE Neal Cassady Rap!

essential early dead...
Reviewer: Burnt Rich - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - June 24, 2007
Subject: BAD ASS-cid!!!!!!
The show itself is a pinnacle of the Band in 1967. Smokin' hot!!! But the sound of this recording is so incredible 40 years later! Holy cow!! What a pleasure to have in my ears. Meltdown jams that will not quit.........A lil' Hank Williams for some flavor and there you go....This show should be in the time capsule for human achievment for the next generations or species to trip on! SHHHEEEIT!!
Reviewer: J.M. Scopes - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 12, 2006
Subject: Blue and Tight
A-plus-level jams: Viola Lee Blues, Good Morning Little Schoolgirl.

Why it's five stars: I know it's stating the obvious for many of you, but the Dead was a tight, tight blues band in 67. Until fairly recently, 72 was about as far back as I went. Their sound had changed (evolved?) significantly by that time. I love hearing how through-the-decades staples sounded in 67, like Morning Dew and Estimated Prophet, when effects were more limited, but they played more rootsy, tighter, and maybe more authentically than they did later down the road.
The Cassady rap is cool to hear, too. Red Tom Wolfe's "Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test" some time back, and it's cool to hear somebody rapping the way it was described in the book. Quite a trip.
There are no weak cuts here. A great example of a great phase.
Reviewer: Jim F - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 13, 2006
Subject: Odd...
I also bought this show on cassette in a record store in the Loop area of St Louis, sometime in late 97/early 98. This Viola Lee Blues STILL blows me away. It's like an old friend. But one who still surprises you. I can't even begin to review this show, it is such an important recording in the Dead archives. A snapshot of a wonderful period of the band's evolution. Listen to it again, folks...
Reviewer: capn doubledose - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 7, 2006
Subject: Shrine... stunning show
They played some smoking shows there and this was the beginning of that run. Love the hurts me too this had to be one of the first times that was played - Like all tapes from this era it's the Pig show rather than Jerry although he owns this hot Dew.
Reviewer: Aswype - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 4, 2006
Subject: Awesome
I wish I had made the long drive to Snow Ridge for this show as the set list included many of my favorites.

The venue sounds awesome- the perfect amount of reverb, fuzztone bass and not boomy, perfect!

I highly recomend this show to any Ha Ha the Moose fan.
Reviewer: familiarfan - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 1, 2006
Subject: Homemade
This was the first tape I ever had made for 2dollars at a den in the Loop area of Stl.

Some friends,at the time, said I can't get into their music because I don't know what their talking about.
I knew they were full of shit and that's when the guitar and myself got acquainted.

Jail,love,spring fever,wars bad,youth is good and bad,staying away from life's ills.

I will say this Viola Lee Blues hit my ears in the evening January 2001 in the right place.
Reviewer: oceantree - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 24, 2006
Subject: whew!
1967 is my favorite year of GD... if you weren't fortunate enough to get this show before they yanked it, you must at least stream it... effin crystal-clear sound, and fabulous performances, 67whitehot! One of the best straight-ahead Viola's ever...
Reviewer: cardgamermanguy - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - June 21, 2005
Subject: Best of Dead
This era is definitly the best for the dead, especially jerry. His guitar play was never near as fierce later on and the sound he got from his amp was one bad ass sound (Viola Lee Blues being the best example) along with the Les Paul which I will continue to comment was his most fitting guitar.

On to the show. Great quality on the first four songs not including hoot jeer. Then on the Neal Cassidy it sucks, but it isn't of any importance. Then for the last half. It is only a little less than the first four, but performance fuckin' rips all the way through. The guys were on fire.
Reviewer: Billy K. - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 23, 2005
Subject: The Start of Primal Dead...
Actually it did start during the late spring, but anyways this show is notable for parts included in Anthem of the Sun -- the 2nd vocal rap from Pigpen during Caution as well as the final Alligator chorus before Caution.

The whole show rips starting with the Viola Lee Blues...then it all goes uphill ending with the wild but short Feedback.

One of the best shows from '67.

Get it.
Reviewer: Grateful Steve - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - June 4, 2004
Subject: No Neal Rap At This Show
The Neal Cassady rap, as the notes to this show indicate was not on 11/10/67. It was an acid test like rap probably given on 7/23/67 at the Straight Theatre with a Dead supplied background. An annotation of the rap is online at: . Neal was known to rap on many things at the same time which must have led to a lot of confused people. Those who could pick up on at least a few of his thoughts/jokes would certainly be laughing. An example is:

"Logical Positivism had a great increase at UCLA recently they got Alcindor but no water polo...what are we gonna...? you all are surrounded...I've never found who was...I played short short...outfield-no just need...I learned an illegal pitch-caught Satch Paige59 barehanded..." The Alcindor refers to Lou Alcindor, later known as Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

The highlights here are the jam in Viola Lee and Pigpen's Good Morning Little School Girl. On It Hurts Me Too listen to that blues guitar that Jerry plays and of course a classic performance by Pigpen.

The Grateful Dead were certainly making music unlike any other group in 1967.

Sound is good for '67.
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